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A Ski Season by the Numbers

Posted on 28 April 2012 by SomeGood

A Ski Season by the Numbers

Some things
easy to measure.

During the first snowstorm of the season I eagerly counted the centimeters of snow add up as I waited to make my first turns of the year.

Waiting for first snow at Wentworth 2011-2012 season

Snow's coming

First snow storm of 2011 - 2012 season

Here it comes

Time to ski


Early in the ski season my friend Jonathan Riley asked me how many days I had already skied. I answered with some relatively low number and he asked if I was going for 100 since I was working at Ski Wentworth and living next door to it.
I hadn’t considered it,
but after being egged on,
I signed on.

One year prior I made vague New Year’s resolution about getting healthier.
It didn’t really produce any measurable results so I decided to make my 100 ski day count include only days that I got myself to the top of the mountain at least once under my own power.

Earning my turns with Farley

My friend Jason Crawford has been trying to reach his highest ski day count. After hitting day 129 with me at Wentworth, he eventually hit 140. About 130 of that happened at Crabbe Mountain. Pretty incredible for a bad snow year in the east.

Jason Crawford earning turns the hard way at Wentworth

140 days but not all powder days

My friends Lee Lau 89 Snow Days and Sharon Bader 93 Snow Days may have had fewer ski day totals but their quality days were likely higher than most.

Lee Lau Sharon BAder Steep Creek powder

Lau Lau in deep. Sharon Bader photo.

In average snow years skiing 100 days in Nova Scotia is very possible. And although there were a lot of very good conditions throughout the season it was a low snow year. My goal was beginning to look like it might be difficult to reach.

As the snow failed Jonathan Riley, my friend who put me up to 100 days, made his first trip to Wentworth to ski that season. He lucked out and nailed the best conditions of the year 2 weekends in a row along with our friend Erica van Vulpen. As a journalist for the Digby Courier Jonathan wrote a column about the skiing, numbers and life.

This blog post is a reply on that article.

Jonathan’s Ski Day 1.

Jonathan Riley Skiing the Explosion

Jonathan enjoying Wentworth corn

I snowboarded 21 days after my ski boots broke.

17 days after the end of the official ski season we get the biggest storm of the year.

Gregor Wilson enjoying April powder at Wentworth

April powder anyone? Photo Erica van Vulpen

I think Erica had a smile on her face a 1000 times while skiing this season.

Erica van Vulpen skiing the Explosion at Wenworth

Smiles everyone, smiles!

I was hoping for 7 – 10 Snow Days in Newfoundland in late April but I only managed 4 before a 7 day rain forecast sent me home.

Skiing Newfoundland's Tablelands. Gros Morne

Self portrait with Trout River in the background

To see 12 more photos and blog report from that trip check out this link.

By the time I got home skiing conditions were grim in Nova Scotia. On Snow Day 97 I only managed 10 turns. But I was still in it till the bitter end.

Timing worked out out to celebrate Snow Day 100 on my 41st birthday. Hurray. Done! I figured rather than finish with a fissle on lousy conditions that lingered by my last day I decided I would try to manage 5 sports on the same day.

For the complete report of my birthday ski, hike, bike, kayak, and fly fish check out this link.

Jonathan thought I should only count ski days at Wentworth.
My Snow Day 100 was day 98 to him.
My 100 was not his 100. Numbers are just numbers.
But sometimes counting them is half the fun.
Except for 41, as in years.

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    You might want to take a look at an application I’m developing for saving information on ski days. You can attach photos, videos, GPS track etc. to the days, and also browse days by location etc.

    You can find the application on Facebook:

    All feedback and suggestions on improvements are very welcomed.


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