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Celebrate World Oceans Day

Posted on 08 June 2012 by SomeGood

Celebrate World Oceans Day

20 years ago Canada proposed World Oceans Day to the UN at the Earth Summit in Rio Janeiro, Brazil. Officially recognized in 2008, World Oceans Day (WOD) has come to be observed by numerous by countries around the world every June 8th.

Canada has the world’s longest coastline and therefore we have a lot to be thankful for; delicious seafood, unlimited recreational opportunities, amazing wildlife and scenery, climate moderation, etc…

If you can’t take part in any of the local WOD celebrations consider 4 things that may help our oceans.

1) If you choose to eat fish print the wallet sized seafood reference card or get the App from or you better get use to a lot of jellyfish in your diet in the coming years.

Will there be fish to sustain fishing communities in 30 years?

2) Cut out as much plastic as you can from your life. Regardless of your good intentions plastics often end up threatening our oceans. In 2007 Canadian Hugh Patterson and two friends sailed around the world to study the amounts of garbage on beaches around the world, the Great Pacific Gyre and wave dynamics. The least we can do is cut back on our plastic usage.

Garbage at sea. 'the Fury' shipwreck as of 2000.

3) Add your voice to Canadian Parks & Wilderness Society’s message calling on the federal government to establish twelve new marine protected areas by the end of 2012 or just send a direct message to the Prime Minister.

More protection for more surfing locations?

4) Support Canadian groups that fight to protect our oceans. A few groups doing good work that need your help include but are not limited to;
- Living Ocean Society in Sointula, BC
- Ecology Action Centre in Halifax, NS.
- Friends of Clayoquot Sound in Tofino, BC.


Canada’s DFO minister announced the government’s ‘intention’ to establish three new marine protected areas in Eastern Canada. Apparently significant progress has been made on the Gaspesie Bank in PQ and St. Ann’s Bank in NS.


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  1. Canadian Parks and Wilderness Society has identified 12 marine areas that are excellent candidates for protection. These are amazing places that nurture fish stocks and shelter endangered species like Right and Blue whales, tufted puffins and leatherback turtles. This petition is to get 12 marine protected areas (MPAs) by the end of 2012! Add your name, show your support and enter the chance to win a paddle board from MEC!

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