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Disappearing Bike Trails – Fight Trail

Posted on 06 June 2012 by SomeGood

Disappearing Bike Trails – Fight Trail

Trails have come and gone for ages. Sometimes being re-claimed by nature but more often they are lost to developers’ dozers.

Three years ago, ‘Family Guy’, a much loved North Shore trail on Cypress Mountain in West Vancouver was lost to development.

Now it seems development is going to destroy some classic east coast trails too.

I recently had the chance to ride a classic Halifax trail called Whopper Drop. It is one of Atlantic Canada’s finest riding areas. It will soon become extinct due to Halifax’s love affair with super-sized box retail stores.

Most of 80 hectares of amazing granite landscape will be lost.

Next up, Fight Trail.

The 700 remaining homes of 800 are to be built in the middle of Halifax’s other epic mountain bike area,

It is sandwiched between Spryfield, Purcell’s Cove and Williams Lake Road. I had not previously ridden fight Trail but had heard the rumours of the excellent trails.

More technical riding than much of Whopper, Fight Trail is a network of trails with a number of spurs and loops. A forest fire affected much of the area a few years ago only to improve riding and trail building possibilities. More exposed granite, great views, lakes, and the unique post fire conditions make for some of the east coast’s finest mountain biking.

Fight Trail Mountain Biking Halifax

An amazing new loop off Fight Trail

I hope the development group Armco Communities hold true to their mission statement. If so, bikers may well begin to flock to live in the neighbourhood.

Their website states,

situated among parks and green space that provide ample outdoor activity opportunities for all residents

Does Armco realize the incredible asset they have on their property?

Fight Trail Bruce Lusby mountain bike

Bruce appreciating Armco's assets

People travel hours to ride trails like this.
People want to live near trails like this.

Armco Communities, do you realize what you have? I hope so.

Fight Trail mountain bike Halifax

Candace McCurdy coasting before some tech riding

If you have questions for Armco Communities about their plans for the area please contact,

Source: Chronicle Herald News

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5 Responses to “Disappearing Bike Trails – Fight Trail”

  1. Paul says:

    Nice work guys. Glad to see people are discovering and talking about Fight Trail. It stayed secret for far too long. The new amazing loop you mentions is called “Lou’s Basement”. Enjoy it while it lasts.

  2. SomeGood says:

    I intend to. Thanks Paul.

  3. ChrisL says:

    Damn, both Whopper and Fight trail? I live overseas now but these rate as some of my favourite trails on the planet. It’s a real shame to see them get bulldozed. What trails will be left?

    One of the great things about Halifax was that the trails were within riding distance of the city. It feels like you’re constantly fighting against people if you’re a biker in Halifax. Fighting for your safety and right to ride on the road, and fighting to keep your mountain bike trails open. The urban planners could learn a lot from the other bike-friendly cities in Canada.

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