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New Bike Trails – The Keppoch

Posted on 21 June 2012 by SomeGood

New Bike Trails – The Keppoch

It is always sad to see trails get destroyed by development. Trails come and go but knowing amazing bike trails like Fight Club near in Halifax are being developed is always disappointing.

Fortunately sometimes when one door is shut
another opens up.

Positive Action for Keppoch Society (PAK), a not-for-profit volunteer group is working hard to bring a large network of trails to Keppoch Mountain near Antigonish, Nova Scotia.

The Keppoch Highlands Mountain Antigonish

The Keppoch

Keppoch use to be a modest ski area serving the local area. However, a small population, mixed with high overhead and several poor snow years in a row brought the ski area to its knees in 1997.

Less than ten years later some mountain bike trails started popping up on the property.

Fast forward to 2011 and PAK started moving full-steam ahead on building a sustainable biking, hiking and nordic skiing facility.

Presently most of the trails are designed for downhill mountain biking but vice-chairman of PAK, Greg Stewart told SGA that the goal is to focus on cross country mountain biking and hiking to help make it more appealing to a broader base of users.

The Keppoch Highlands, as it is now being called, held an IMBA trail work session in 2011. Along with Cobequid Trail Consulting, Shoreline Dirtworks and numerous volunteers they have a master trail plan and a great beginning to some buff trails.

I made it to Keppoch for their trail build day on June 16th to pitch in and to see what they are creating. I liked what I saw.

downhill mountain bike trail Keppoch

Beautiful section of new trail

Who said kids are lazy these days? A couple of young fellas putting some finishing touches on a berm.

The Keppoch Trail build day

Hard at it.

Not all work needs to be back breaking. This power wheel barrow will save many backs.

Motorized wheelbarrow trail building friend

Motorized wheelbarrow

Here is a video of featuring the new trail Chicken Cougar before it was 100% complete. Looks like fun.

Public Ride Day

There is a public (must be member of Bicycle Nova Scotia) ride day June 23rd and a race on June 24th.
10am to 4pm for folks looking to shuttle.
If riders are under 18 they need parental consent on the waiver.
Waivers are mandatory for all riders.
Bikes have to be in good working condition with 2 working brakes!!
Armour and full face helmets are recommended.

Check the following link for more details. Weather COULD change the details of this event.

For more information check out The Keppoch Fanpage.

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