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Two Nova Scotia Women Finalist in Roxy Contest

Posted on 04 June 2012 by SomeGood

Two Nova Scotia Women Finalist in Roxy Contest

SGA previously posted a story that Nova Scotian surfer Kait Fennell was doing well in contest by Roxy.

It seems that there was another Nova Scotian surfer who got past round one.

Alexandra Groot Koerkamp is a finalist and is also vying to win ‘Let the Ocean Set You Free’ by Roxy.

Alexandra and Kait have become top 25 finalist from what was likely more than a 1000 entries from the Americas.

Now Alexandra and Kait must convince people why they should win and how ‘The Ocean Sets Them Free’.

Alexandra’s pitch…

Alexandra Groot Koerkamp surfing

Alexandra surfing by Trevor Nicodemo

Vote for Alexandra here.

Kait’s pitch

Kait Fennell Surfing Roxy

Kait catching a wave. By Adrien Veczan

Vote for Kait here

Alexandra and Kait hope to win two fantastic surf trips including one to the Roxy Pro Surf Comp in France, plus a lot of surf wear and gear and even a nice cash purse. Sounds nice.

Give them a hand and vote for them every day before June 12th.

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  1. Pauline says:

    Go Alexandra Go !!

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