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Vancouver Riots & Pro Mountain Bike Rider

Posted on 20 June 2011 by SomeGood

Vancouver Riots & Pro Mountain Bike Rider

By now just about everyone in Canada and many people around the world have heard about the Vancouver riots after the Canucks lost in the 2011 Stanley Cup finals. Every major news agency in the world covered the story including less likely sources such as Aljazeera.

Most people are universally disgusted and horrified by what they saw on the television. This disgust was well summed up by Rex Murphy on his regular opinion piece on the CBC.

The accusations have now reached the adventure industry via professional mountain biker Alex Prochazka aka Alex Pro. The following photo came to light, which although was not flattering, did not seem to imply any criminal activity as Alex celebrates covered in grease with his tongue out.

Alex Pro posing with overturned truck. Jana Doornberg photo.

Originally Posted by Alex Pro

“Hello everybody. By now you’ve all seen the photo of me taken last night. I want to assure you that I had nothing to do with the arson of the car. Regardless I showed extremely poor judgement posing with it and involving myself that way. I feel very ashamed and want to appologize to my family, friends and supporters for this embarassment. This is not how i want to be remembered.”

That may be true but it certainly appears, although not proven yet, that he was involved in helping flip the truck he was posing with in this photo by Lung S Liu.

Alex appearing to be flipping truck- Lung S. Liu photo

The following photo montage was assembled by Facebook group
‘Vancouver Riots Pics: Post Your Photos’

Vancouver Riot Pics: Post your Photos

The following Global News video shows Alex smashing the truck with something before he helped flip it. See the 1:11 mark in video;

And it continues with a website dedicated to public shaming of people clearly caught involved in the riots. By early June 21st, 2011 the article already had 181 responses. As the public outcry rages on sponsors of Alex are beginning to crack. Alex was wearing a Oakley t-shirt as he posed for the photo in front of the burning car. Oakley Canada is now reconsidering his status with their organization.

We are currently reviewing our relationship with Alex Pro & will be taking actions to see that Alex becomes aware that we do not accept behavior like this from any of our athletes or spokesperson(s).

Why are so many Vancouverites, British Columbians and Canadians in particular so upset by the actions of rioters such as Alex:

$1,000,000 – cost taxpayers to host playoffs & to throw a big, free street party
+$5,000,000 – cost in riot property damages
+$1,000,000,000 – the cost to tourism and Vancouver’s reputation. 1 BILLION!!!
100‘s or 1000‘s of people’s livelihoods were threatened or destroyed
police and fire figthers were assaulted and threatened
good samaritans were savagely attacked trying to protect property
hospitals clogged & non-rioters with real health concerns avoiding the hospitals

UPDATE: June 21st
Oakley Canada
“Oakley does not condone or support the actions taken by Alex Prochazka. And as a result of his behavior, Oakley Canada has elected to end its association with Alex Prochazka effective immediately.”

Alex placed 6th at the 2007 Crankworx Slopestyle event, and was apparently the second person to ever land a double back flip in a mountain bike competition. What a waste that a talented athlete of Alex’s calibre would resort to such actions.

Happier days for Alex in a bike trip to Utah;

What do you think should will happen to Alex? Will he get arrested? Will he lose all of his sponsors?

A follow-up article to this post including Alex Pro apology and latest sponsor status can be found here;

Pro biker Alex Prochazka loses sponsors & apologizes

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38 Responses to “Vancouver Riots & Pro Mountain Bike Rider”

  1. John Bloke says:

    it looks to me like he is pushing the truck down. How can you experts tell what he is doing ? You guys must be CSI or something. We are so lucky to have you here.

    • SomeGood says:

      I have to assume if he was trying to help that he would have claimed that in his first apology.

    • AlexProTerrorist says:

      Stop defending this terrorist scum, there is video on youtube of him flipping the truck. Pictures and video of him actual flipping the truck came out AFTER his first “apology” which was all a lie. This terrorist is only sorry he was caught

    • big mtn skier says:

      Alex was caught on tape smashing the vehicle, then aided in flipping it over and finally was so proud of his actions, posed for a souvenir photo. I’d say Alex actively participated in the riot and should be held accountable for his actions. Being drunk and stupid is no excuse for anything. Funny that we are now starting to see these rioters are our neighbors and not a small minority of anarchists.

  2. Salim Asaf says:

    What I want to know is why doesn’t this guy turn himself into the police, confess to his crimes and pay for the truck he destroyed? Man up and take responsibility, you might be able to salvage a tiny sliver of dignity Alex.

  3. Myrena Bishop says:

    He should be charged if enough evidence that he participated (photos) as should all involved. If it means losing sponsorships he will have to deal with that. Everyone involved needs to understand that being foolish if only for a moment can have long lasting consequences. All these young people need to learn this lesson. It does not mean they can not be forgiven but they must now work on setting things right. They need to pursue their passions but it may be like starting over because of this stupidity. They now need to rebuild their reputation to gain the trust of those they deal with.

  4. Bill says:

    How in the hell can anyone look at these pictures and say the guy isnt guilty of participating in the riot and helping to destroy private property. I mean saying he appears to be helping to flip the truck is a bit silly . This guy needs to lose all of his sponsors and go to jail. It is just that simple.

  5. Judith says:

    He may or may not have had anything to do with the arson of the vehicle, but he sure as hell had something to do with flipping it over. Was that just “poor judgement” as well? I sincerely hope his sponsors show GOOD judgement and withdraw their funding. There have to be consequences – enough with being able to simply say ‘sorry’.

  6. A smart man says:

    Alex is a good guy. He may have been caught in the wrong place with a few too many drinks in him, but to speak of him as if he went downtown to riot is ridiculous. He went down to watch the game and let himself get a little too drunk. Who hasn’t gotten a little crazy with a few drinks in them? You people need to relax…go catch the real rioter not some harmless guy who is only being targeted because he is a known athlete. You don’t need to take away his sponsors and his whole life because he had a few fingers in helping flip a truck that was already going over. Give him community service don’t ruin his life.

    • Mike says:

      Hmmm… You don’t sound very smart at all..

      Relax? my city was a War Zone last Wedensday and Alex was not only there, but activley participated.

      If all we give the rioters is community service then they and future would-be rioters will not have learned anything from all of this at all.

      The problem is most of the rioters probably didn’t do much individually – maybe threw one stone, broke one window, only put a hand (or a couple of fingers) on a car to help flip it over… but it’s the aggregation of all the actions together that made this so bad.

      He shouldn’t have been there in the first place, he should have participated.

      Take away his sponsorships, take away his job, arrest him and sell his bike and assesories and give the monney to the owner of that truck.

      We need to make an example out of him, especially someone like Alex who kids might look up too.

    • Marilyn says:

      Good guys don’t tip over cars and then pose proudly in front of them.

    • Kilroy says:

      You are either an idiot or you were one of the guys right beside him. Did this self centred egotistical jerk think of how he was helping to ruin somebody else’s life by trashing the vehicle that they worked hard for? If I was one of his sponsors I wouldn’t want some moron that drinks to much and has no self control representing my product. This moron knew what he was doing and should try to be an adult and own up to his illegal behavior.

    • Wild Rumpus says:

      Anyone who was there is not “a good guy”. The good guys either went home or tried to stop the destruction. I have gotten “a little crazy with a few drinks in me” but I never flip cars and dance in the flames. Anyone who participated is guilty of crimes against society and should have their whole lives turned upside down as punishment. We also need to send a strong message to any other “good guys” who get “a little crazy with a few drinks in them” that if they participate in anti social behaviour, then they will receive the full anger of that society which they show no respect for. We are not picking him out specifically because he is an athlete. We are picking on him because he acted like a douchebag and got caught. i am sick of assholes like “a smart man” trying to defend the behaviour of the hooligans. I hope he suffers the full extent of social ostracization and legal punishment.

  7. chris says:

    So if someone who is helping to flip trucks over isn’t a “real” rioter, then who is? To chalk it it to “ah he just had a few drinks and got a little crazy” is ridiculous. He played a large part in inciting a riot that cost the city millions of dollars and will have negative repercussions for years to come. And he did it all with a huge smile on his face.

    One of many problems with just giving him community service / a slap on the wrist is that it sends a message to people that they can get away with this type of thing. I hope he loses all of his sponsorships and spends some time in jail.

  8. Marilyn says:

    These people need to pay for the damage they willfully, knowingly, and deliberately caused. Why is there only one other comment calling for that? Jail time will cost taxpayers more money, community service would be great but still doesn’t help the people who lost their cars, storefronts and merchandise, these people need huge fines, especially the most notorious (and the ones who went to private schools – I’m pointing at you, Nathan K and Sarah McCusker) , who will obviously have more money to be able to pay them. If they are truly sorry, then they will pay monetarily for the damage they have caused.

  9. Langford says:

    Bert Easterbrook and a few other guys got beaten up trying to protect that truck and the livelihood of the electrician who owned it. If Alex pro witnessed the assault before proudly ttipping the truck he deserves to pay dearly.

  10. Vanvcouverite says:

    Just by him being downtown is a criminal offence whether he helped flip the truck or not. But looking at the pics and videos, clearly shows him participating! How about rather than posing with the truck why didn’t he help defend it along side a few others rather than instigating!!

    In Canada, the Riot Act has been incorporated in a modified form into ss. 32-33[10] and 64-69[11][12][13] of the Criminal Code of Canada. The proclamation is worded as follows:
    Her Majesty the Queen charges and commands all persons being assembled immediately to disperse and peaceably to depart to their habitations or to their lawful business on the pain of being guilty of an offence for which, on conviction, they may be sentenced to imprisonment for life. God Save the Queen.
    Unlike the original Riot Act, the Criminal Code requires the assembled people to disperse within 30 minutes. Paragraph 68 provides for the life imprisonment should the proclamation be ignored. In the absence of a proclamation, paragraph 65 stipulates imprisonment for not more than 2 years as punishment for rioting.

  11. SomeGood says:

    Looks like Alex has lost another sponsor. This time EVOC has distanced themselves from him;

    “It was with extreme disappoint to see how many individuals brought great shame upon the city of Vancouver and the country of Canada during the riot on June 8th 2011 in downtown Vancouver. No excuses can be made for these actions and it is rewarding to see that the individuals involved in this embarrassing event are being identified.

    At EVOC our hearts and souls were crushed when learned that one of our sponsored riders, Alex Prochazka whom in which we trusted to represent our name had taken part in the riot activities.

    We would like to inform you that Alex Prochazka has been removed from all associations with our brand upon us learning of his actions and will not be endorsed by us again.

    Without the power of social media and your persistence to seek justice we may not have learned of these activities that have brought great shame to our company. We thank you for informing us.”

  12. Cee says:

    Anyone who defends this guy as a “good guy”
    Is braindead. I could care less how nice of a
    Guy he is. The fact is he was caught rioting.
    Who cares if he’s an athlete, a junky, a Canucks
    Fan or the queen of f****** England. These
    Ignorant anti-social degenerates deserve to
    Pay for every bit of damage they caused. Real
    Good role model. He probably had the picture
    Blown up and pasted on the wall of his $600,000
    Condo downtown.

    • Marlow says:

      I live downtown and had to barricade myself in my home as I have a front door and the mob was being driven in my direction. Why is this relevant? Because not one person who lives downtown has yet been identified as a participant, why? Because it is our home! It might be in fact this feeling of resentment towards us downtown and our $600k condos which fueled some of these actions. I am sure if the Alex’s parents had a nice downtown townhouse their son wouldn’t be trashing the neighborhood.

  13. Johnny Canuck says:

    If he feels genuine remorse he should buy a new truck and tools for the tradesman.

  14. sd says:

    This guy was suppose to be role model for young people to look up to, how could a company sponsor him knowing he supports the vancouver riots. To those who say we are trying ruin his life, we weren’t the one proudly flipping over cars and posing infront of them. Honestly, how did he think the public would react to this?

  15. SomeGood says:

    Oakley Canada
    “Oakley does not condone or support the actions taken by Alex Prochazka. And as a result of his behavior, Oakley Canada has elected to end its association with Alex Prochazka effective immediately.”

  16. Linda says:

    Oakley has done the right thing to sever ties with the terrorist, Alex Pro. There have to be consequences and being an athelete, any athelete, does not give you a free ride to destroy and terrorize!!!!! An apology and pretended remorse should not lighten the judgement. Those who are caught are indeed sorry …sorry they got caught.!

  17. JD says:

    How pathetic some of you are for condoning his actions. He deserves jail-time, like the rest of them.

    Don’t drop the soap!

  18. mp says:

    Behold the power of the Internet.

    Have fun flipping burgers Alex.

  19. T-rev says:

    When your dad managed the whistler bike park, it must have been easy getting sponsored. Act like an idiot with your sponsors tshirt on, easy to get unsponsored too.

    • SomeGood says:

      I’m not sure if that was is entirely called for as Alex’s talent on a bike and skis are very obvious. The kid can ride, unfortunately he doesn’t seem to know how to play nice.

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