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Uisge Ban Hike & Waterfalls near Baddeck

Posted on 19 October 2011 by SomeGood

Uisge Ban Hike & Waterfalls near Baddeck

Cape Breton Island has a lot of beautiful waterfalls.

Not surprising, the majority of the large waterfalls on Cape Breton Island are located throughout the highlands. The Cape Breton boreal plateau is a large area that drains into numerous steep-sided river canyons. Some of these features create breathtaking waterfalls.

Uisge Ban Falls
One of the most beautiful falls in Nova Scotia is Uisge Ban Falls (pronounced ‘ush-ka ban’). It 14.5km north of Baddeck within a provincial park of the same name at 715 North Branch Road, Forks Baddeck. The park features decent signage and clearly marked trails. There are outhouses and picnic tables which are available during the high tourist season from spring into mid-October.

Uisge Ban Falls trail map

Trail map. You are NOT here.

Ignore the ‘You Are Here’ markers on most of the maps. Someone has scratched off the actual markers making it appear that you are on top of the plateau without a trail nearby.

There are two trails, the Falls Trail and the River Trail. If you have the time do not skip the River Trail as the old forest through this section is quite remarkable. It takes a nice loop along the North Branch Baddeck River.

The Falls Trail follows Falls Brook and is a short 1.5km round trip. As you approach the falls you may notice more moss and rare plants normally found in the arctic. The falls themselves are a series a cascades that range from dramatic and powerful during rainy periods to calm and babbling during drier seasons. The falls are about 15 metres tall.

Uisge Ban Falls

Uisge Ban Falls in the fall

Uisge Ban Falls with dog

Contemplating life

Do not be tempted to scramble up the cliffs to the right of the falls. It would be very easy to dislodge rocks on top of unsuspecting people below not to mention damaging to the rare plants that are found in this area.

Apparently the trails are popular for snowshoeing and nordic skiing in winter.

Centrally located and nearby Baddeck offers numerous ammenities. While in the Cape Breton the past month I used the following shops and services;

Bell Buoy Restuarant – great seafood, great view, wifi.

Yellow Cello – pizza, light fare, wifi.

Highwheeler Bakery & Cafe – tasty homemade baked goods and light fare.

Bean There Cafe – coffee, baked goods, breakfast bagels, south facing deck.

The Outdoor Store – Outdoor clothing and gear.

There is also over 600 hotel rooms & campgrounds in this small town.

Visit Baddeck for more resources in the area.


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  1. Mary Scott says:

    The trail ic confuseing i would suggest some easier to understand markings. I am back from an attempt to view the falls from the bottom and now i am looking at the map onhere andrying to figure outwhat i did wrong. I thought that i stayed to the left going upbut got off track.

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